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Wayport Connects One Million Customers

Proving that business travelers increasingly demand high-speed Internet access while traveling, Wayport, the leading provider of high-speed Wi-Fi wireless and wired Internet access in more than 460 hotels and nine airports across the US, announced it has surpassed 1 million customer connections to its network in just over eight quarters.

Wayport has experienced exponential growth in all of its core business segments, with the most significant growth occurring during the past year. During this time, the company`s connections, defined as payment for unlimited use of Wayport`s service for a 24-hour period in one location, grew by more than 276 percent, from 200,166 to 753,956, year over year. The company`s revenues during this same period grew even faster, increasing 317 percent year over year.

“This industry is coming of age, and players like Wayport have been a big driver of that growth,” said Amy Cravens, an analyst for Cahners In-Stat/MDR. “Even with the current environment of tightened budgets, fewer travelers and limitations placed on technology growth, this industry is taking off. We anticipate an even more ubiquitous network of wireless connectivity in the coming year.”

In a recent online survey of 2,700 Wayport customers, 83 percent said they would choose a hotel based on the availability of high-speed Internet access. According to Cahners In-Stat/MDR, the United States has more than 78 million remote and mobile workers today, a large portion of which are frequent business travelers who are demanding Internet access.