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EVA Air Launches Fourth Weekly Flight

One of the world`s fastest-growing airlines, EVA Air was launched just over a decade ago and has quickly established itself as a key player in the global air freight and passenger market.

EVA Air first took to the skies on July 1, 1991, having been incorporated two years earlier. The airline is a division of the diversified Evergreen Group and is Taiwan`s first privately-owned international airline.

The carrier was created by Evergreen Group Chairman and founder Y.F. Chang, who had previously developed the highly-successful marine transport company, Evergreen Marine Corporation, the world`s biggest container shipping company. 
From its inception, EVA Air has been built on a number of management strengths, including expertise in international transportation, established relationships in business and financial centres and a network of Evergreen subsidiaries and representatives.

As one of the world`s quickest-expanding carriers, EVA Air currently serves more than 40 destinations across four continents from its centre of operations in Taipei. In Europe, EVA Air operates passenger services between Taipei and London-Heathrow (four times a week from June 9, 2002), Amsterdam, and Vienna via Bangkok and direct flights between Taipei and Paris.

From the outset, EVA has set out to provide the highest-possible levels of passenger comfort. It pioneered the four-class cabin configuration, with its internationally-acclaimed Evergreen Deluxe. Travellers using the upgraded economy class are offered more than 40 per cent more room than on most other carriers, with many benefits usually only found in business class.


From June 9, EVA Air will add a Sunday departure to its existing schedule of three flights a week to Taipei, operating from London-Heathrow via Bangkok.

Like the existing flights, the service will be operated by Boeing 747 Combi.  EVA currently has 10 of this aircraft type in its 33-strong fleet, offering 268 seats in the airline`s pioneering four-class configuration.

EVA Air`s UK & Ireland Sales and Marketing Manager Simon Rickman commented: “It has long been our ambition to increase the number of flights out of the UK and we are delighted to have finally been able to introduce a fourth service.

“We have seen significant growth in demand for travel to both Bangkok and Taipei, predominantly leisure for the former and growing numbers of business travellers for Taiwan. We are confident of achieving a high load factor on the new service very quickly.”

Departing London-Heathrow on Sundays at 22.00, BR68 arrives in Bangkok the next day at 15.40. The onward leg to Taipei arrives at 21.30. Flights from Taiwan leave Taipei at 09.00, again operating via Bangkok, to arrive at London-Heathrow at 19.05. 

EVA Air`s premier cabin is Super First Class, providing the highest levels of comfort with a generous 76-inch seat pitch,  76 degree recline, superior meal service with a choice of Western and Oriental cuisine, wide-ranging entertainment programme and use of airport lounges around the world.