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Portable Software First to Market with Intranet Travel Expense Automation Solution

Portable Software Corporation, the worldwide leader in enterprise travel expense automation software, today announced the general availability of its Xpense Management Solution? (XMS) Version 3, a seamlessly integrated Windows 3.x, 95, and NT client and Web-based enterprise travel expense management product. XMS/3 is the first travel expense management software with the ability to be distributed and run in a cross-platform environment—either via Windows, on the Web via a company’s intranet, or both.
The Xpense Management Solution automates and integrates corporate travel expense processing and analysis to deliver a dramatic reduction in corporate travel and entertainment costs, which represent the third largest controllable cost in most companies today.

The XMS/3 product release follows strong demand by leading global companies for a travel expense management solution that can run on a corporate intranet as well as Windows for facilitating software and policy distribution, as well as ease of use by mobile professionals. These new compelling benefits in software distribution, cross-platform operations, and centralized data management provide companies with even greater speed and flexibility in the automation of travel expense processing.

“Automating the travel expense management process for us means reaching thousands of users across several divisions of the company to gain operational efficiencies as well as the ability to analyze total travel expenditures,” explained Jim Strand, Project Coordination Manager in the Controller’s Department of J.C. Penney Company, Inc. “XMS/3 gives us the ability to quickly deploy across the enterprise and provide instant updates to travel policy information to more readily achieve analysis and cost savings benefits. We required a solution that is flexible, easy to use, and incorporates our internal travel policy and data collection requirements. We chose Portable Software’s XMS/3 because it was built using today’s proven intranet technologies and has proven to run successfully at JCPenney, supporting both our connected and disconnected users.”

Portable Software’s Xpense Management Solution is the first choice of companies for travel expense automation. XMS? is an integrated enterprise-wide solution that dramatically reduces travel and entertainment costs by automating the entire expense management process—from expense report preparation, approval, and processing through systems integration and data analysis. With XMS, preparing expense reports is easier and business travelers are reimbursed faster. Accounting is more productive because expense reports are delivered on-line and automatically link to financial systems. With robust expense data easily accessible, management can analyze travel and entertainment spending and negotiate better vendor rates. Moreover, XMS seamlessly integrates with existing and future corporate charge cards and financial, travel, and operating systems.

In designing XMS/3, Portable Software incorporated state-of-the-art Internet technologies without sacrificing deployability, performance, or scalability for its customer base. By developing a browser-based application that includes only limited use of Java, performance as well as deployability into a company’s existing infrastructure is ensured. In addition, an industrial-strength application server based on Microsoft’s Component Object Model (COM) and Active Server Pages (ASP) technologies provides robustness and scalability in even the most demanding enterprise environments.


“Based on Microsoft’s Distributed interNet Architecture and Microsoft’s Active Server Pages technology, Portable Software’s XMS/3 offers full featured native Windows 3.x, 95, and NT clients and a rich browser-based intranet client,” said Christy Reichhelm, Accounting Industry Manager for Microsoft Corporation. “XMS/3 robustness and scalability is achieved through integration with Microsoft® Internet Information Server, SQL Server?, and Component Object Model-based NT application server. XMS/3 utilizes Microsoft technology to combine the best elements of Windows with the Web for success in the enterprise.”

“The intranet is an incredible platform for operational value and faster application ROI,” said Rajeev Singh, VP of Products for Portable Software Corporation. “In order to gain the efficiencies the web offers, we have chosen technologies that make XMS/3 deployable and efficient in today’s corporate computing environments. Companies with the still-prevalent use of Windows 3.1, for example, will not be limited in their use of the web-enabled Xpense Management Solution. Our customers are thrilled with this approach as it means they don’t need to invest in updating thousands of enterprise desktops in order to take advantage of XMS/3.”

Since 1993 Portable Software Corporation has been developing and marketing travel and entertainment automation software and services that serve the entire enterprise, from business travelers to corporate accounting departments. Its flagship product, the Xpense Management Solution (XMS), has been chosen by more companies for enterprise-wide travel expense automation than any other travel expense solution. As the recognized worldwide leader in travel expense automation, Portable Software has already automated travel expense management processes in over 300 companies around the world.

Portable Software Corporation is headquartered in Redmond, WA, USA with offices in Boston, Hartford, New York, Newark, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Atlanta, Toronto, Detroit, Columbus, Chicago, New Orleans, Minneapolis, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and London. For more information on Portable Software Corporation, contact the company at 6222 185th Avenue N.E., Redmond, WA 98052. Or call: 425-702-8808; or the toll-free number: 800-478-7411; or fax: 425-702-8828; or reach Portable Software Corporation via the World Wide Web at Portable Software UK Limited, the European headquarters for Portable Software, can be reached by phoning: 44-171-329-2981.