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WellbeingEscapes cuts through jargon

Wellbeing Escapes, a spa and wellness travel company, has announced the launch of its new website.  Set to appeal to seasoned spa enthusiasts and novices alike, the site will give users unique access to a wealth of guidance, inspiration and knowledge plus news, tips and chat from the world of spa, wellbeing and holistic health. is more than a luxury hotel and spa holidays listing website.  The Wellbeing Escapes team digs deep to understand the wellness approach and the therapeutic integrity of each product they offer, and their unparalleled depth of understanding is reflected in the site’s content. Regular spa goers will love logging on for the topical and light hearted comment and opinion on the Wellbeing Blog (‘Paper knickers: the pros and cons’; ‘Couples’ treatments - what’s the big deal?’; ‘What on earth is Jalneti?’), whilst experts in the world of wellness will share their tips on how to stay healthy: look out for reflexologist Heather Coombes and Ken Rosen, top Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, coming soon.  Novices to the world of wellbeing will find all the information they need to de-mystify the “spa speak”, including a glossary of unusual terms and descriptions of treatments, enabling them to navigate even the most specialist packages and retreats.

The site also features a user generated ‘Review’ section, where consumers are encouraged to candidly share their experiences of different spas and retreats including the ups and downs of each wellbeing journey; as well as a ‘Travel Experience’ section, in which members of the Wellbeing Escapes team give their thoughts on the packages on offer, based on their first hand experience. 


Other unique features of the website include:

  * ‘Single Fair and Friendly’ - the best deals and most suitable destinations for solo travellers


á      ‘Free Style Spa’ -  a guide to the free facilities at each spa and how to get the most from their therapeutic benefits

á      ‘Return on Investment’ - outlining the measurable returns that can be expected from each package, particularly from detox and weightloss holidays

  * Detailed information on each spa, including wellness approach, signature treatments and holistic activities

á      Improved search facility - search for a wellbeing experience by destination, type of spa experience, or even a specific treatment


Wellbeing Escapes was established because the founders grew tired of trawling the internet in search of recommendations for healthy holidays that were informative rather than confusing or conflicting.  Managing director Stella Photi comments “Our new website aims to offer clients the inside knowledge from the wellbeing industry, and explain the true benefits of different types of experience, alongside offering the best deals on holidays that really make a difference to personal wellbeing.”