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Galileo adds help desk

Galileo has reported the success of “Ask Galileo”, a 24 x 7 online customer helpdesk. 

“Ask Galileo” serves as a knowledge bank that provides ONLINE question and answer support for Galileo-connected agents, providing information on such topics as Galileo Format Guide, Fares, Electronic Ticketing, and Hotels and Cars.

Officially launched in Asia this past October, “Ask Galileo” helps to improve the efficiency of Galileo-connected agents as it is an easy to use web-based application. Travel Agents can get information around the clock with no waiting times or telephone costs and is accessible anywhere.

According to Mr. Iwan Spillebeen, Operations Director, Travelport Asia, the introduction of “Ask Galileo” represents another step in Galileo’s ongoing dedication to enhancing customer services and support as well as improving customer satisfaction.

“After the launch of ‘Ask Galileo’, our site has generated over 28,000 hits in total with an average of 3,500 hits per week in November,” said Spillebeen.  “We have already recorded 15,300 hits in the month of November across four countries, namely India, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore. Moreover, 1,300 users have registered since the launch of ‘Ask Galileo’ in October. These results exceed our initial expectations, especially considering that Asia is a region where the desire to speak to someone for assistance is still the normal practice,” he added.


Travel Agents can gain access to “Ask Galileo” by visiting and completing a short online registration where access will be granted immediately.