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Jetstar enhances online capabilities

Jetstar is enhancing its online capabilities through to cater to new and increased demands.

The airline has worked with Akamai Technologies to improve its website’s ability to cater to local languages and deliver a better service for its customers in all its new markets. Akamai’s services will also ensure the uptime of Jetstar’s online reservation systems, support during the peak travel season, and improved communications with remote offices and travel agencies.

Jetstar’s general manager online channels Grant Swinbourne said: “We now have access to Akamai’s EdgePlatform and we can leverage their Content Targeting product allowing us much faster delivery of specific local content to customers across the entire Asia Pacific region.

“Essentially this allows us to change the language, look and feel of our site for specific markets or to match offers and content to the demographic needs of a region. For example, when a Japanese customer comes to from Japan, they will see a range of offers and specials directly tailored to them,” Swinbourne said.

Jetstar is Australia’s leading low fares airline and last month expanded its operations to fly long haul international services, initially from Australia to the Asia Pacific.