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Galileo signs on Oasis Hong Kong

Galileo and newly launched Oasis Hong Kong Airlines have signed a new agreement that will see Oasis’ fares and inventory added to the Galileo GDS. This development will allow Galileo-connected travel agents, in particular those based in the United Kingdom and Hong Kong, to be the first to book exclusive Oasis content in the GDS.

As Asia’s first low fare, long-haul carrier, Oasis Hong Kong Airlines’ inaugural flight took place on 26 October from Hong Kong to London, pioneering a fresh approach to flying by making frequent long-haul travel accessible and affordable to business and leisure travelers alike.

Galileo’s suite of distribution solutions developed to meet the special needs of low cost carriers set the stage for the deal. Oasis agreed to make available to all Galileo-connected travel agents its fares, booking classes, associated inventory and other data that Oasis currently offers other distribution channels, including internet websites.

Oasis also agreed to enter into an agreement with another Travelport brand, eBookers by providing its fares to its travel channels as well.

As a result of the agreements, Oasis is provided with a platform that enables the airline to look at travel distribution in totality, both offline and online. At the same time, the airline will also be able to sell its seats more effectively through Galileo’s comprehensive coverage of agent locations. Consequently, Galileo-connected travel agents will have new opportunities to increase sales with new Oasis content available directly on their desktops. 


Said Brad Holman, Managing Director, Asia Pacific, Galileo by Travelport, “We are particularly excited to be working with Oasis Hong Kong Airlines. Their pioneering approach to long-haul, low fare air travel and their decision to make their inventory available to Galileo demonstrate the value differentiation both organisations are providing the industry.”

“In addition, the agreement between Oasis and another Travelport subsidiary provides a diverse range of product offerings unmatched by other participants in the global travel trade,” Holman added.

Lesley Hagan, Head of International Distribution, Oasis Hong Kong Airlines said, “We are pleased to be working with Galileo as they provide us not only access to a large travel agent community in Asia and the United Kingdom, but they will extend our reach to those markets globally that will see the value of our products. Travelport’s other products will also extend our inventory to the ever-growing online consumer market”

“Galileo has proven extremely flexible both commercially and technically” says Michael Wirth, Oasis’ Head of Information Technology. “This has allowed us to integrate new techniques that benefit the travel agent and Oasis alike, while maintaining our low fares approach and expanding our reach to the global travel community at the same time.”

Oasis Hong Kong Airlines, the first low fare, long haul carrier in Asia, joins 50 other low cost carriers around the world that are using Galileo as a distribution channel.