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Amadeus adds rail content

Deutsche Bahn is entering into a global agreement with AccesRail and Amadeus to allow Deutsche Bahn to display their rail availability and schedules alongside those of airlines on the Amadeus display. The agreement will allow Deutsche Bahn to sell their services worldwide alongside airlines, providing travellers with the latest accurate schedule data they need, to make an informed choice between rail and air. Travel agencies will not need to have any special agreement with Deutsche Bahn to be able to book and issue tickets. The agreement excludes Europe, in an initial phase, where local solutions will remain in place.

“Due to the large investments that have been made in rail infrastructure, journey times are being reduced. High-speed rail links are a competitive alternative to air travel and it is now possible to combine air with rail travel. To encourage rail providers to sell their content internationally they need a solution where their fares and availability are displayed directly alongside air. At Amadeus we are pleased to be able to facilitate this in a sector that has potential for further global expansion,” stated Albert Pozo, Managing Director, Travel & Leisure, Amadeus.

AccesRail supports rail providers who wish to sell their products and services in the GDS principal displays, by taking responsibility of all associated administrative tasks to achieve that. The resulting display eliminates the time consuming process of switching between multiple screens to view both rail and air options. A rail service comprising one single train, on a route with 0-4 intermediate stops that do not exceed 12 minutes stopping time in total, can be regarded as equal to a nonstop air service.