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Finnair introduces lie flat seats

Finnair is introducing lie- flat seats in its intercontinental fleet - so a Business Class flight is now even more comfortable than ever. The new seats will be installed between December 2005 and April 2006.
With the lie-flat seats, the space between seats will increase from the current 127 cm(50 in) to 160 cm (63 in). The new seats provide more privacy for rest and work. Passengers can stretch out and lie flat - even if they are 2 metres (6 foot 7 in) tall.

Another benefit of the seat is that the back doesn’t tilt back into the space of the next passenger. Instead, it adjusts using an electric control into positions for work and rest, inside the passenger’s own personal space. In addition to the angle of the seatback, the seat height and the lumbar supports can also be adjusted.

There is storage space for laptop computers and magazines, and privacy is further increased by the small dividing walls between the seats.

There are several adjustment options in the personal reading lamps. There is an individual electric outlet in the seat for laptop computers. Satellite phones are available for the use of passengers.