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Sponsored links offer value

Members of can significantly increase direct bookings and traffic to their property by securing “sponsored links” through the website.
For as little as US$20 a month, members can feature a photo, brief description and direct link to their property page in a sponsored link on the homepage of that property’s destination of origin.

For instance, when a consumer visits and is interested in information about Barbados, they can click on the “Barbados” link where they will find a wealth of information about the island.

On that “Barbados” homepage, will feature up-to three sponsored links for properties within Barbados. limits the sponsored links to three properties per destination to keep the value of this feature intact.
“When compared to other ‘sponsored links’ on the web, the return on investment is beyond compare,” said Thom Dunaway, founder and president of

“To show the tremendous value of this marketing initiative, we provide monthly reports featuring the number of hits a property receives - members are always extremely pleased with the results,” he added.
Due to high demand for this prominent placement, properties can secure sponsored links by bidding for monthly access. Starting as low as $20, a property can reap the benefit of countless “clicks” a month by people searching for holiday options in their area.