Breaking Travel News revamped has revamped its website offering access to specialist travel agents and the opportunity to go directly to travel operators with direct links to their travel websites.“ has now become a global player since the revamping of the website in 2005,” says owner Bruce Swain.

Originally started in 1995 as a South Pacific travel site and since expanded to offer last minute travel offers and an online travel news service, it is now committed to becoming a marketing program for the travel industry.

“It will always be affordable and effective for the smallest of travel businesses anywhere in the world by offering recognition, branding and promotion as a top-travel-site.”

The site does not have any advertising to distract the visitor from the objectives of the service.

The design of the site is clean and simple without any unnecessary clutter, enabling easy links to destinations around the world. An online travel news service is available with access to past issues, highlighting travel agent specialists and tour operators around the world, as well as the odd funny story.


By offering both specialist agents and operator-direct services to the traveler, the site enables even the smallest travel businesses the opportunity to expand their reach and have their websites found, as well as giving travelers an array of travel choices that would not normally be readily available to them.

No bookings or reservations can be made at, as it is a travel directory. The traveler is now able to choose a specialist travel agent or is invited to go directly to the hotel, b&b, tour operator or travel service.

The operators intend to keep the site free of advertising and clutter in order to support both the travel clients who have listed links and the traveler who wants to find relevant travel products rather than go through the searching processes of the internet.

The site charges a fee for travel listings but now even the smallest business may be found, for a price, as a ‘toptravelsite.’

Swain says, “There are many travel directories on the internet but has better clarity and ease of use compared to many of the other web sources for travel.”

The goals of the website aim high: to be every traveler’s bookmark or favorite. And, with over half a million page visits in 2005, it’s already appealing to the many thousands of small travel business operators who wish to market and sell their services to travelers seeking greater choices and travel expertise.

Although only developed in 2005, the site operators are pleased to have achieved over half a million page visits and between 200 to 300 travel clients representing a few thousand different travel choices. They anticipate steady growth of the site by both travel visitors and travel operators in 2006 and beyond.