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Scuba site looks to pixel advertising

As the search phenomenon dubbed “pixel advertising” gains momentum has become one of the first topic-specific websites in this genre. offers scuba diving enthusiasts the ability to navigate to a single website.

A simple survey searching for scuba diving websites on Google reveals nearly 1.2 million hits, but by using a scuba diver now has the ability to visit any number of scuba diving resources simply by clicking on an advertiser’s image link.

Advertisers now have the opportunity to invest in advertising space on

A pixel pricing model allows advertisers to develop effective, larger scale image links at a specific cost, different to the traditional pay-per-click or banner campaigns.

It works by leveraging the tremendous site traffic generated by multiple content links.

ADVERTISEMENT consolidates relevant topical interest on a single web page.

In the past months internet search has been revolutionized by the amalgamation of pixel advertising and traditional search-term advertising. is owned by Tom Rapko, a PADI Divemaster with over a thousand dives on five continents. He is the author of “Diving the Seamount.”, a website dedicated to scuba diving on the Marisla Seamount off the coast of Baja Mexico’s La Paz.