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Hospitality has sex appeal

By John Hendrie
You see, it works. I have your attention!
Whether it be comely lasses, gliding along the beach, or a catch phrase for Las Vegas, “shussing” the mountain, or Brooke Shields and her Calvin Kleins, we know that sex sells. In our business, we showcase the senses, stimulate the expectations and hopefully deliver the goods—the measure of your Hospitality Performance. Sex appeal comes in many forms.
It does not need to be blatant; innuendo works.  This year Las Vegas began to change its Destination Brand, imaging the naughty with the couple, who could not explain their luggage loss and the gaggle of gals, who changed their names nightly.  There goes the family Destination - the neighborhood now rocks.
Sex appeal can be suggestive.  The island beauty, sporting minimum bathing attire, languidly sauntering along the sparkling waters edge, hot, but not steamy, wet, yet the stark white sand, barely wild landscape, flowers, greenery, soft zephyrs caressing the palms. Wow, surfs up!
Adventure and the challenges of nature work, too.  Skiing the virgin peaks, wind surfing (sorry, Senator Kerry), aqua sports, fly fishing the back country, rafting the rapids, and studiously keeping on the cart path for the round of eighteen.
Ms. Shields I shall not address, but only point out that sales of jeans spun skyward.  Abercrombie & Fitch now owns that slice of retail.
The challenge is to stay “ahead of the curve”, as we match our products and services to that perceived Consumer need or dream. And, the landscape is ever changing with our competition more creative and aggressive. It is always in the “Eye of the Beholder”, and the better we understand our existing and potential customer, our business, and the story we wish to share, the easier we can frame the experience.  Sex appeal need not be unsavory or titillating.  It is merely how you relate to the senses of your audience, create the stimuli which influences their decision to “book” business, and then deliver on your promise.  Our minds always create a more provocative picture.  It is all about the Experience!

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