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Revamp for spa operating manuals

Intelligent Spas is releasing a new series of spa operating procedures and manuals to assist businesses raise service standards.These documents are also aimed at improving customer satisfaction, create and maintain spa ambience, implement employee training and reduce costs associated with waste and inefficient processes.

“We are proud to offer a practical, leading-edge product, which is comprehensive, editable, time-saving and cost effective,” says Julie Garrow, managing director of Intelligent Spas.

“Spa owners, managers and directors are too busy to micro-manage staff and continuously fight fires, so we have revised its original policies manual to make it easier than ever to establish a practical system for repetitive and time consuming activities, enabling management efforts to be channelled towards maximising the spa’s success.”

The revised manuals are based on detailed feedback and preferences gained from clients who purchased and used Intelligent Spas’ original Spa Policies & Procedures Manual over the last three years, and incorporate extensively expanded content in a new, editable file format which allows easy customisation for unique requirements.

Additional items featured in the new manuals include supporting process maps and ready-to-use forms, checklists, scripts and samples, effectively achieving an instant, professionally formatted manual requiring minimal customisation - this combination of resources saves spa businesses thousands of man hours and/or consulting dollars when compared to creating their own manual.


The new topic-focused manuals are ideal for improving a particular problem area of spa operations, or for providing a complete and consistent set of standard operating procedure manuals to effectively train all spa employees and efficiently operate a professional spa facility. The content is designed to be applicable to different types and sizes of spa facilities and to allow operators to implement industry best practices.

The first two manuals in the series to be released are entitled “Client Interaction & Service Standards” and “Housekeeping & Spa Presentation.”