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Birmingham airport faces Xmas strike

Amicus members working at Birmingham International Airport have today voted 2:1 in favour of strike action leading up to and over the Christmas period.

Birmingham International Airport now faces the second strike over the Christmas period in a row as staff prepare for strike action over the sacking of two members of staff.

The trade union which represents more than 200 members of staff at the airport said three allegations made against the two men suspended are without foundation. The union is demanding their immediate reinstatement.

Amicus say that covert surveillance techniques used by Birmingham International Airport breached Data Protection and Human Rights legislation and failed to substantiate the airports claims of unauthorised absence, falsification of records and breaches of trust and security made against the two men.

The union have also said that false accounts of established practices and permissions were given in evidence at the men’s appeal hearing.
Amicus officer, Peter Coulson, said: “Our members have expressed their opinions and have overwhelmingly voted in favour of strike action in support of their colleagues. Birmingham International Airport is facing the second strike over Christmas in a row because two of our members with 52 years unblemished service between them have had their careers ended on grounds that are completely without foundation.”


“We regret having to resort to industrial action over the Christmas period but the union and its members will not tolerate the airports unacceptable behaviour towards two loyal hardworking members of staff . If Birmingham International Airport acts in an indiscriminate manner they must be held to account.”

The Appeal Panel that heard the dismissed employees case have instructed Birmingham International Airport to conduct an investigation and review of the current working practices at the airport with the objective of their becoming more structured. Amicus have been pressing for such a review to take place for the 18 months and say that failures in established working practices by management are to blame for the two employees being scapegoated.

The men’s appeal process is now exhausted. Amicus say they will be pursuing employment tribunal claims for unfair dismissal on their behalves. The union will also be in a position to conduct a ballot for industrial action in the next two months with a view to all out strike before Christmas.

Amicus represents over 200 security, fire and maintenance workers at the airport. Strike action taken by Amicus would close the airport.