Breaking Travel News Launches FlexRez Travel Distribution System have launched a new self-service, private-label travel distribution platform that enables Web site operators of all sizes to profit by offering their users
access to’s published-price hotel room service.

  “FlexRez is a customizable distribution system that allows Web
site operators to offer their users access to’s
published-price hotel room service under their own brand and earn
attractive commissions,” said Michael Demko, General Manager of

There is no charge to become a FlexRez distribution partner. Web
site operators visit and fill out a simple
registration form. In six business hours or less, they receive an
e-mail with their user name, password and site ID. From there, Web
site operators can get their hotel sales application up and running
and start generating commissions in a matter of hours. Commission
performance can be monitored on-demand using the simple online account
management console.

FlexRez provides two different technology solutions depending on
the level of Web site sophistication. For Web sites with a technology
development team, offers an XML gateway. Through XML
calls to the network, FlexRez distribution partners can
access content, query room availability, and book hotels, giving them
the maximum flexibility as to how the hotel service is presented to
their customers.

  For Web sites not interested in XML, FlexRez’s PageBuilder toolkit
creates a hotel reservation application that resembles their own Web
site. PageBuilder doesn’t require knowledge of HTML or XML, and
provides users with several professionally designed and customizable
page templates. After completion, the hotel sales application is
hosted by