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ISP’s Distribute Pre-Paid WiFi Access Cards

Trustive has launched re-branded pre-paid WiFi access cards to be distributed by Internet Service Providers (ISPs).
“Pre-paid is a critical step in launching a WiFi service,” explained Gavin Dresselhuis, Trustive Managing Director. “It provides a fast way for ISPs to reach a huge, mobile market while increasing their ARPU - average revenue per user.”

Dresselhuis said Trustive has begun taking orders for pre-paid cards, which Trustive will deliver fully re-branded to ISPs in units of 200 and 400 minutes, valid up to 12 months from activation.

Once ISPs sell the cards, end users will have access to Trustive’s virtual network through a temporary access code. All billing and accounting is handled by Trustive, which provides the end user with on-line real-time account overviews detailing account usage and minutes remaining - all under the ISP’s brand. The ISP-branded interface allows users to recharge account minutes and includes a state-of-the-art mapping tool so users can stay connected as they travel.