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Aviation Fiddler Above the Roof

Frank “Buzz” Adubato never
thought of himself as a matchmaker, but that is exactly what he has become.
“Putting together partnerships in something as significant as airplane
ownership is almost as difficult as matching a couple,” observes the founder
and chairman of Complete Aircraft Management Partners or CAMP Aviation as
it is commonly referred to, a boutique aircraft management company based at
the Morristown Airport. Unlike Yente in Fiddler on the Roof, however, Adubato
has had great success in his matchmaking.“At CAMP Aviation, we help clients find, buy and manage their own private
jets. Some of our clients will make the investment on their own, while others
will bring in a partner. We have been successfully able to put two partners
together in one aircraft at a tremendous savings for everyone,” continues
  CAMP Aviation is not a fractional airline company. In business for more
than two decades, the company creates management programs that meet the
specific needs of small corporations or well-heeled clients, many of whom are
at the top of their professions or use their airplanes mainly for private
travel with their families. Unlike fractional ownership, which can create some
hassles for owners sharing flight time with many others, CAMP Aviation is
dedicated to matching only one or two owners in a particular aircraft owned
solely by them.
  “Our partnership program offers the cost effective benefits of fractional
ownership combined with our personalized management program and the
satisfaction of knowing the airplane is truly yours.  An owner will share the
initial and fixed costs with a partner, plus they each have complete control
over where the airplane goes, and who is flying on it. When you get on your
private jet, it is truly a reflection of the needs and preferences of you and
your family. You are on a first-name basis with your pilots, crewmembers and
everyone on our staff. Because a private jet is a substantial investment, we
ensure that your requirements are met,” continues Adubato.
  Since its founding, CAMP Aviation has been dedicated to providing the
safest and best aircraft management for private ownership in the industry.
Their steady growth has proven the success of their mission. Putting personal
service and safety first has attracted top business executives, athletes and
entertainers to the company.
  With the increasing hassles of commercial travel, the long security lines,
departure delays and the uncertainty of commercial flights, many successful
people are turning to private aircraft. “We regularly get calls from people
exploring the benefits and costs of owning a private jet. Our team can
research and identify an aircraft that best meets someone’s needs and then
even match them with a compatible professional also seeking an aircraft. We’ve
put someone in his or her own private jet for as little as one million
  The company’s services include all aspects of flight operations, including
hiring your flight crew, maintaining an aircraft, managing hanger operations,
insurance and all of the services of a fulltime Flight Department without the
high cost. In addition, the company also specializes in aircraft acquisition.
  “We are seeing more and more individuals owning a private jet, whether by
themselves or in partnership. Many people who started with fractional shares
are realizing their expectations of private travel are best met by ownership,
which gives them operational control. Fractional management companies have
come under scrutiny lately, as their clients have complained about a decline
in service, which is why we have experienced a steady increase in our client
base,” observes Adubato.
  Fractional ownership has increased tremendously over the last ten years
and some fractional companies are having a hard time keeping up with the
influx of their growing clientele. According to a recent article in the Wall
Street Journal, it has been reported that clients are disappointed with the
performance of their providers due in part to scheduling, availability of
aircraft during peak travel days and substitution of aircraft using charter
carriers who are unknown to the client. It has also been reported that some
fractional owners have even been stranded without an airplane, forcing them to
make costly last minute reservations with commercial airlines.
  “In the case of one large fractional company,” says Adubato, “they have in
essence created an airline comprised of private investors. Now they are
experiencing many of the problems of a commercial airline. Aircraft owners are
investing a lot of money each year for the convenience of private air travel
and they have to be frustrated when they do not get quality service from their
management companies. At CAMP Aviation, we have created a much better, more
cost effective alternative to fractional ownership. Our owners enjoy the
extraordinary service we provide, the unblemished safety record we maintain
and the ability to fly on short notice. In short, they have a team dedicated
to them on a personal basis,” concludes Adubato.