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Mobissimo Begins Searching American Airlines

American Airlines and American Eagle fares have become available in the Mobissimo search engine.
Mobissimo is the first meta-search engine to display fares directly from American Airlines (AMR).

“Our pioneering relationship with American Airlines is a tremendous milestone for our company and the meta-search industry,” said Adam Meron, Mobissimo vice president. “It allows us to continue to offer the largest selection of travel suppliers of any travel meta-search engine and also confirms the value of the meta-search model for both users and suppliers,” he continued. “Our users have come to expect comprehensiveness from us and we continue to deliver this by adding American Airlines.”

Mobissimo searches 122 different travel sites domestically and abroad. Mobissimo delivers unparalleled international reach and technical innovation to both users and partners and continues to lead the industry in number of sites searched.

Mobissimo will launch its French language site this summer as well as innovative new travel search tools like MobiCombo, an invaluable resource for finding inexpensive fares to global destinations and MobiIndex, a weekly fare index of top searches on Mobissimo.