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Weddings Are Free at Almond

Always dreamed of a getaway
wedding, away from the bustle of a traditional event? Then fly away to Almond
Resorts and let them make your dream come true. Almond Resorts’ Weddings
Director, Naomi Lyttle and her team of expert coordinators, will custom-design
your event to suit your special needs, down to the choice of unique settings
for your memorable day. They’ll meet with you a few days prior to the wedding
and then follow through very professionally, with attention to every detail.
You may choose to hold the ceremony in an historic setting, at the Sugar Mill,
a century-old building which has a permanent place in Barbados’ history, or
choose to be in a scented tropical garden setting or on a gleaming white sand
beach, bathed in the glorious colors of a Caribbean sunset ... You’re limited
only by your imagination! For your reception, you have your choice of gourmet
restaurants where they’ll personalize the menu to your liking.It’s no problem, if you’re on a budget, or have a very busy schedule. Your
fairy-tale wedding is just a phone call away! And, as a special bonus, Almond
Resorts, the premier all-inclusive resorts of the Caribbean are now offering
wedding arrangements totally free of cost for couples who book a stay of 10
nights or more.

  The Free Weddings offer includes:
    * Government fees (for wedding), ceremony charges and registrar’s cost
    * A decorated site
    * Local flowers for the bride and boutonniere for the groom
    * Wedding cake
    * A bottle of champagne for the bridal couple
    * An 8” X 10” photo in an engraved frame
    * A manicure for either the bride or the groom
    * Special celebratory dinner for the bridal couple with personalized
menus (great as souvenirs!)
    * Flower turn-down service
    * Breakfast served in bed, the morning after the wedding

  Get married at one of Almond Resorts’ acclaimed resorts, and let Almond
pick up the tab for the wedding! This package is valued at over $1,000.00 and
it is absolutely free!

  Renewal of Vows
  Always wanted to renew your vows? No problem! Stay at the Almond Resort of
your choice for 10 nights or more, and the hotel will pick up the cost of the
celebration as well! We’ll include:

    * Clergyman’s or Magistrate’s fee
    * A decorated site
    * Corsage for the bride and boutonniere for the groom
    * Wedding cake
    * A bottle of champagne for the bridal couple


  A value of over $500 and it is all free!

  Of course, additional options like photography, video, music, extra
flowers and champagne, etc., are available at an added cost. Just ask the
Wedding Director!

  This Free Weddings offer is available at all Almond Resorts from August 1-
November 30, 2005, May 1-June 30, 2006 and September 1-November 30, 2006.
This offer may be combined with other sales, like Best of Barbados, Almond’s
Summer Sale and September Sale, and also with the Complimentary Honeymoon
Package (See below).  Not combinable with complimentary stays and award
certificates. Please ensure that you have proper documentation in order to
fulfill the requirements of the country in which the ceremony is to take
place.  This promotion is subject to change without notice and is limited to
space availability.