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Terminal D Comes Alive

It was an
opening day anticipated more intently than most Broadway shows or a hit movie.
Now, the weekend reviews are in for those who bought a ticket and the result
is resounding success.  DFW International Airport opened its new International
Terminal D this weekend with great fanfare.  Travelers navigated the sparkling
new ticketing halls, dined at newly opened restaurants and picked up luggage
at Terminal D without incident over the weekend.  The Terminal, now open
nearly 96 hours, continues to progress to the high expectations of terminal
management and designers while enabling travelers to move smoothly to and from
their gates.“Operations have been smooth and passengers like what they see,” said Jeff
Fegan, CEO of DFW International Airport.  “We have been working hard over the
past three days and the weeks prior to ensure that all of our tenants are
happy with the facility.  And we will continue to work over the next month to
bring International Terminal D to full operation.”
  “The terminal is beautiful and very big,” said passenger Daniel Chung of
Grapevine, Texas.  “I was a little scared at first coming into a new terminal,
but it was very easy to find my bags and customs.  I didn’t have any problems
and was happy to see Texas when I got off my plane.”
  “The terminal is very nice,” said Laura Gonzalez of Pensacola, Florida,
who was traveling with her 9-year-old daughter Emily.  “It was easy to get
around, unlike some of the other terminals I’ve been at during my trip.”
  Terminal D also made quite an impression on U.S. Congressman Michael
Burgess (R-Flower Mound) who greeted international passengers as well as
troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan on opening day.
  “In so many ways, this airport represents what has happened to this
country in the last four years,” Congressman Burgess told the crowd.  “On
9/11, the country was brought to its knees.  This airport and its leaders had
to face a decision as to whether or not to go forward with these ambitious
plans.  They didn’t waver.  They stepped up to the plate.  They got it done
and for the 268,000 people whose livelihood depends on this airport, I say
‘thank you’ for making this happen.”
  Opening weekend saw the grand opening of over a third of the businesses at
Terminal D.  Both the Main Street News and La Bodega Winery opened over the
weekend with overwhelming success.
  “Passengers from around the world told us this is the most beautiful
terminal they’ve visited,” said Gina Puente-Brancato, owner of both
businesses.  “This building is clearly the future of North Texas on the world
  Greeted by a “Shower of Affection,” from the DFW Department of Public
Safety and a presentation of colors, Mexicana flight 178, Korean Air flight 31
and the daily chartered R&R flight were the first to arrive at International
Terminal D on Saturday.  The 700 or so passengers were greeted by a
traditional Chinese Lion Dance, as well as the Mariachi Rosas Divinas, a
Dallas-based all-female Mariachi band.  The arriving passengers were surprised
to walk into a joyful scene in the Arrivals Hall, featuring a Korean drum
performance and greetings from over 25 women in traditional Korean gowns,
along with several dozen North Texans dressed in the clothing of their native
lands including Mexico, Bolivia, Argentina, Turkey, Sumatra, Indonesia and
  Among the crowd of greeters and well wishers were representatives from the
U.S.-Mexico Chamber of Commerce, the Asian-American Chamber of Commerce and
the Korean community.  And as is their daily custom, hundreds of patriotic
North Texas volunteers turned out to greet military troops who are on a two-
week break from their deployment in the Middle East.
  “The welcome home was great,” said Sgt. Patrick McMordie, of Missoula,
Montana.  “I was able to get through the terminal with no problem.  It is very
big and you can get around fast.  Nothing like where I came from.”
  “It went like clockwork thanks to the hard work of hundreds of employees
and volunteers,” said Fegan.  “This new terminal is the new front door to
North Texas and the United States for more than 5.6 million international
passengers annually coming through DFW.  I am proud of what we have
accomplished.  Now, with Terminal D joining Skylink and the Grand Hyatt as
‘open for business’ I believe we offer a world-class travel experience that is
second to none in the industry.”
  “In 1974, this airport opened expecting 18,000 passengers to use it
daily,” said Clay Paslay, Executive Vice President of Airport Development for
DFW.  “This new terminal alone can accommodate 37,000 passengers daily.  Plus
passengers will now have available to them a international hotel and four
other outstanding terminals.  We are well on our way.”