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HeBS to Present Internet Workshop at Upcoming Conference

Hospitality eBusiness Strategies (HeBS) will present a one-day Internet Marketing workshop at the Economy & Budget Hotels World 2005 Conference, September 19-21 at the Royal Garden Hotel in London.
Max Starkov, HeBS’ Chief eBusiness Strategist and Jason Price, HeBS’ Vice President, Business Development and Strategic Marketing, will describe to hotel executives how to develop a comprehensive direct online distribution strategy to substantially increase direct bookings, build brand recognition, and increase competitiveness.

Commented conference manager Peter Laurie, “This conference will bring together senior level managers from the major hotel brands, franchises and financial institutions across Europe, North America and Asia.  Our objectives are to provide an exchange of practical strategies and ideas that directly impact fundamental business concerns.  Internet marketing is a critical component of that mix.”

According to Starkov, “This year over 50% of all hotel bookings will be done online or directly influenced by Internet research. The economy and budget hotel market is a particularly competitive, dynamic and robust segment of the hospitality industry.  Hoteliers intuitively understand the advantages of creating an effective direct-to-consumer online distribution strategy and building Web initiatives to lessen dependence on online discounters and avoid price and brand erosion for long term economic health.  Our goal at Economy & Budget Hotels World 2005 is to communicate a hands-on approach to build understanding of the principles of an aggressive online distribution and marketing methodology and explore the resources and channels that constitute a complete eMarketing strategy.”

“Every hotel operator, chain or brand can gain tremendous benefits from the Internet but only if it is used to best effect. The fully interactive one-day workshop, presented by HeBS, is a great opportunity for hoteliers to identify, explore and develop many ways in which the worldwide web can enhance their business,” noted Peter Laurie, Conference Manager.

Hoteliers recognize the importance of direct-to-consumer online distribution, the long term competitive advantages of creating interactive relationships with their clients, and leveraging the popularity of the destination to their property’s own advantage.  They are now committing more resources on direct channel services to secure their own robust presence on the Web and reinforce direct communication with their customers.


The benefits of this approach are substantial.  Developing a direct online distribution strategy strengthens control of direct channels distribution costs, and enables hotels to maximize revenues by better managing their inventory.  This can only be accomplished by creating a pro-active strategy that combines evolving best Internet practices with a comprehensive destination web strategy and an overall aggressive direct web presence.