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Interactive Sites’ Web CMS Gets ‘Googled’

Interactive Sites’ proprietary web content management suite, Hands-On? Web CMS, has been enhanced to integrate with the new ‘Google Sitemaps’ project, taking it to extreme levels of SEO friendliness.
Google’s most recent beta project is an experiment designed to aid site owners with tackling two current challenges: keeping Google informed about new web pages or updates, and increasing the coverage of web pages in the Google index.

“The practical benefit to our clients is that we are now providing every opportunity for their sites to be indexed further by Google. Because we deliver a rich brand experience using an array of web technologies, we wanted to ensure we did everything possible to our CMS platform for it to be search friendly”, comments Michael L. Waltman, President & CEO of Interactive Sites.

“The majority of CMS clients that have had their site optimized enjoy extremely high levels of search engine penetration. This move increases opportunities for our hard to index content such as dynamic applications within the CMS. We’re committed to ensuring our clients are able to benefit from changes in the ever more important search landscape”, adds Waltman.

Industry analysts consider that a successful Google Sitemaps experiment could very well revolutionize the way that search engines find and display Web sites. In the near future, it is also likely that this new development will begin to affect website rankings on the major search engines.