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Half Moon Reports no Negative Effects from Dennis

Richard Whitfield, managing director of the 400-acre Half Moon resort in Rose Hall, Montego Bay reports that the resort suffered no ill effects during the passage of Hurricane Dennis on July 7.The resort had over 300 guests in residence as Hurricane Dennis slowly churned towards the island. They were able to wait out the storm in the comfort of their rooms and enjoyed much of the resort’s facilities that remained open.

“Once a system was detected in our region, our emergency management group went on full alert and initiated our emergency procedures to monitor and prepare for any eventualities,” Mr. Whitfield said.

“We are thankful that we did not have to mobilise the relocation phase of our procedure, but our team and systems were fully prepared to do so if it became necessary.”

Whitfield reports that all areas of the resort are up and running with the exception of those facilities that involve the sea.

“Our dining outlets and land facilities have reopened this morning. The only areas that remain suspended are those that involve the sea as the customary red flag warnings are still posted on our beach due to choppy seas,” he said.