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Dynamic Packaging Drives Success

Metafour today announced a 21% increase in business for their latest financial
year. The increase is driven by the huge demand for tour operators and travel
agents to have online sales.
“Tour Operators know they must have online dynamic packaging if they are to keep
and grow their share of this hugely competitive market” said Rob Udwin, Business
Development Director of Metafour, “Our Embarque system has been developed over
ten years and offers true dynamic packing for clients which is why it is now in
such demand and fuelling our business growth”

“It helps that we have years of experience in the travel industry and understand
the buying selection process for consumers and agents. This enables us to help
clients really maximise the benefits of being online and reduce the ‘click’ drop
out rate which is the next big issue once you are online.”

Rob Udwin explained “Some online travel websites show customers the component
parts of their selected package but true dynamic packaging, as offered by the
Embarque system, allows an operator to bundle the components parts into a one
price package that includes various elements based on the business rules that
the Tour Operator wants in place. This means they can change commissions and
profits for each element “

Rob Udwin joins the panel for Travelmole’s Dynamic Packaging Q&A on Tuesday 19th
July. Also on the panel are Vic Darvey from, Paul Evans from, Stuart Jackson from Cosmos, Derek Jones from TUI UK and John
Seaton from Pegasus Solutions.