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Travelport Launches Canadian Corporate Travel Solution

Travelport announced the launch of its new, market-leading offering specifically for Canada.
The new Travelport product is based on Canadian point-of-sale via the single Travelport platform.  It’s an integrated, full-service travel management solution comprised of online booking capability, comprehensive travel content from Galileo’s global distribution system (GDS) and automated fulfillment. Additionally, Travelport provides 24/7 phone access to its own dedicated customer service center for travelers who require assistance from a Travelport customer service representative.

Travelport created the new Canadian offering in response to the increasing trend among Canadian and US-based travel managers to manage all North America travel for their companies. To effectively address these needs, Travelport has launched a highly configurable product that not only provides localized services for Canadian companies, but allows companies traveling to, or operating in, both the US and Canada to smoothly and seamlessly arrange travel and control their programs and policies.

“No one market and no one company have the exact same demands,” said Dean Sivley, chief product and marketing officer for Orbitz for Business/Travelport. “Understanding these diverse needs and having the ability to create and deliver a diversity of solutions - just as we’ve now done for the Canadian market - is the hallmark of our approach to corporate travel.”’

In the coming year, Travelport will also offer a full Canadian French user interface for customers who require a bilingual online program