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Boise Airport Offers Wireless Internet Service

MPC Computers will be the sole corporate sponsor of the Boise Airport’s new wireless internet service. Free high-speed wireless connections will now be available to all Boise Airport customers throughout the entire facility.
The new wireless service allows Boise Airport customers to easily check
email and access the Web using any WiFi-capable device, such as a laptop
computer or PDA. Step-by-step instructions for accessing wireless
connections are posted throughout the airport, and a toll-free hotline for
technical support is available as well.

As part of the overall sponsorship, the airport business centers, located
in Concourse C and in the airport’s ticket lobby, will be renamed the MPC
Computers Business Centers.

“We are extremely pleased to sponsor the new wireless service at the Boise
Airport,” said Mike Adkins, MPC Computers’ President and CEO. “MPC’s
notebook PCs are recognized for their wireless capabilities, and we
believe this sponsorship will help to both spur wireless Internet usage
and enhance the capabilities of the Boise Airport.”