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BT Launches Touchscreen Kiosks in Scotland

Visitors to Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park will be the first to
access up-to-the-minute online information via a new network of interactive
information kiosks unveiled this month thanks to a joint initiative between
BT Multimedia Solutions, Scottish Enterprise and the National Park
    The terminals have been installed across the Loch Lomond National Park
to improve the current provision of services and information for visitors.
Users can access a range of services, such as instant travel information and
weather forecasts, and on some kiosks, send video clips and emails back
home. The initiative is the first of its kind in Scotland and is part of the
Scottish Executive’s “Broadband Enablement” programme. In addition, the
project provides key sites with WiFi technology, creating wireless broadband
hotspots for visitor use.
    The sites of the kiosks have been carefully chosen for ease of access
and to avoid any impact on the landscape. Former BT phone boxes have been
upgraded to house the terminals, utilising BT’s existing infrastructure in
the area. A further seven touchscreen display units have been fitted behind
the glass windows of shops and visitor centres around the park, making use
of BT’s innovative, thru-glass technology.
    If successful the scheme will be rolled out to other National Parks in
Scotland, and across England and Wales.
    Dave Anderson, chief executive of Scottish Enterprise Dunbartonshire,
said: “Tourism is an important source of wealth and employment for Scotland.
In partnership with BT and the National Park Authority, we are launching a
new approach to visitor information and services that is especially well
suited to rural areas, and in keeping with the increasing demands of modern
tourists for access to online services.
    “We want to encourage more people from the UK and beyond to visit
Scotland and its national parks and we are confident these new multimedia
kiosks will improve access and enhance visitor experience. Broadband allows
a rich mix of content to be offered and businesses within the National Park
will be able to take advantage of high speed connectivity to reach wider
audiences and offer new products and services.”
Julian Turner, head of BT Multimedia Solutions, said: “BT has worked in
close consultation with Scottish Enterprise and the National Park Authority
to deliver a solution that will help to increase tourism in the area, whilst
respecting the natural beauty of the environment. At a time when tourism
boards are looking for cost-effective, customer-focused ways to improve
access to services, we are confident that the scheme in Loch Lomond will be
a success and we look forward to rolling out similar schemes across the UK.”