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Wireless Logix Launches Reach POS

The Wireless Logix Group today announced the launch of Reach POS in the North American market. Reach POS is the first Wi-Fi enabled application built for PDA devices to help communications between servers and kitchen staff in full service restaurants, bars and other similar environments. With it, servers can take customer order by simply clicking icons, and generate customer bills right at the tableside, using a Wi-Fi enabled PDA. For the quick service restaurant, Reach POS can enable critical “line busting” solutions for the customer side of the counter and drive thru lane servicing. This unique software application will be distributed globally by the Wireless Logix Group under an exclusive distribution agreement.

Comments Abbas Sadriwalla, CEO, Wireless Logix Group, “Our mission is to be the most complete Wi-Fi solutions company and towards that end we have developed and acquired a full suite of Wi-Fi enabled solutions ranging from Wi-Fi infrastructure solutions, to applications for videoconferencing and online collaborations, housekeeping management in hotels and hospitals, inventory management in enterprises and construction sites, and voice communications in a range of settings. The addition of Reach POS to our stable of innovative Wi-Fi enabled solutions significantly expands our footprint into a new and prolific area - the food services industry.”

While most, if not all, other POS use desktop screenshots sent to the PDA using terminal services, Reach POS is a powerful native Pocket PC program. While the competition is basically forcing Pocket PC on to a legacy environment, Reach POS was conceived, designed and built from the ground up to be a wireless solution and was designed specifically for Pocket PC’s operating environment. This architecture ensures greater speed and flexibility, and protects against loss of information in the event of a disconnection. By comparison, existing browser based products force a screen meant to operate on a desktop onto a PDA, seriously slowing performance and efficiency. Reach POS is also priced to be extremely competitive when measured against significantly higher base costs for competing solutions.