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Noel Lynch Wants Tourism to Look More Attractive to Potential Investors

Barbados Tourism Minister Noel Lynch called for government and private sector policies and initiatives to make regional tourism more attractive to potential investors, reported Caribbean Media Corporation (CMC).Addressing the opening of the ninth annual Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Investment Conference (CHIC) and Profit Partnership meeting on Monday night, Lynch said this was one way of ensuring that the sector became more financially profitable and economically sustainable.

The Minister told some 400 delegates attending the three-day conference that this reality could not be achieved simply by lowering imposts on the industry, but through the implementation of a range of policy options.

“These must ensure that the industry carries its proportionate share of the huge task of constructing and equitable society, which the industry needs for its sustainability,” he said. “To argue otherwise would be short sighted and foolhardy on the part of industry practitioners,” Lynch added.

The conference is being held under the theme “Finding Investment Opportunities in the Caribbean Tourism Sector”.

It will feature addresses by leading public and private sector representatives including Barbados Prime Minister Owen Arthur.


“The real goal facing Governments in tourism dependent states is to derive maximum benefit from tourism in view of its impact on economic development and devote attention on its full integration into the social cultural and economic life of all the people,” he said.

The Tourism Minister said that the advent of the CARICOM Single Market and Economy (CSME) should foment greater levels of efficiency and profitability but also take full advantage of opportunities available through the union.

“Investments both from intra-regional and international sources are critical as former barriers to trade in tourism more so that any other sector are removed,” he said.

From the pages of the Latin American News Agency