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Boeing Comments on Boeing 747 Advanced

Following reports that Boeing are planning to strike back at Airbus with the launch of a new version of the Boeing 747 Advanced, BTN investigated.(Caption: Mr. Graham Cooke presenting World Travel Award for World’s Leading Use of Inflight Technology, to Sir Michael Jenkins, President of Boeing UK)

A Boeing spokesperson commented: “Boeing develops airplanes that address the real needs of passengers and airlines. The 747’s evolution is a great example. We’ve kept it fresh and valuable by regularly applying new technologies. We’re now considering how our 787 breakthroughs could benefit 747 operators”.

“The Customers are telling us they see great potential for the 747 Advanced concept. We continue to refine our ideas for that airplane. Where we don’t see great value is in a new jumbo jet carrying 500 or more passengers. That’s not how people want to travel. So we are happy to have Airbus working on that while we develop the 787, the airplane passengers will want to fly and airlines will want to operate”.

According to reports, BA may become one of the launch customers for the Boeing 747 Advanced, but BA revealed to BTN that the airline are not in a position to order any new longhaul aircraft at the moment.

The BA spokesperson commented: “We have no immediate need for longhaul aircraft as our current longhaul fleet is relatively young. Also, we have been concentrating on reducing our debt before we consider purchasing new aircraft”.
He added: “Once we are ready to purchase new aircraft, we will consider all the
aircraft available in the market at that time”.