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Dragonair Raises HK$1.3 Million for Tsunami Relief

A five-week inflight campaign on Dragonair to raise funds in support of tsunami relief efforts by the Red Cross has raised HK$1,305,024.37.
“We’ve never seen such an outpouring of generosity on this scale before: our passengers have been amazingly open-hearted,” said Chief Executive Officer Stanley Hui.

The funds were collected on flights throughout Dragonair’s passenger network between January 8 and February 12 and are being donated to the Red Cross South Asia Relief Fund.

“We launched the campaign to give our passengers a simple and convenient channel through which to make a donation. Now the results of their kindness will be used to help in the ongoing efforts to provide relief supplies to the affected areas,” Mr. Hui said.

He continued, “I wish to thank all those who made a donation, and those who gave their time and effort so freely to help us implement the campaign, including business partners and our staff.”

Dragonair staff have also been making donations through the company to the Red Cross in Thailand.