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iStrategy launched by former CTO of the easyGroup

Today sees the launch of iStrategy, a consultancy that helps companies gain a greater insight into the relationship between IT investment and business performance.The company has been established by Phil Jones, until recently the Chief Technical Officer of the easyGroup.  Jones plans to draw upon the work he pioneered at the easyGroup in the analysis of how technology can be applied to fundamentally change the basis upon which companies compete within market sectors.

iStrategy will target CEOs, CFOs and CIOs within medium-size companies for whom IT represents a substantial and increasing proportion of capital and operating budgets. The company’s primary aim is to help organisations align IT capabilities with the key value drivers that most directly influence business performance and marketplace competitiveness.

Jones believes there is a significant need to bridge the divide in understanding between the capabilities of technology and the business challenges facing organisations today.  “Whilst most companies recognise that astute investment in IT is essential to their ability to compete, many find it difficult to determine exactly where, when and how much to invest.  Directing IT investment at areas with the greatest impact on business performance is therefore essential.”
“iStrategy aims to provide practical, actionable insights into improving the return on IT investment, increasing the effectiveness of IT resource allocation and expanding the awareness of how IT adds value.”

The company offers a four-step methodology that defines an organisations IT portfolio, maps their portfolio to the company value chain, assesses the effectiveness of existing IT investments and identifies new investment opportunities.

“iStrategy is uniquely positioned to help companies improve the effectiveness of their IT investments by establishing a common frame of reference through which the relationship between IT investment and business performance can be better understood,” concludes Jones.


In a career spanning 25 years, Jones has accrued widespread international experience in travel, hospitality, car rental, cruise, tour operating and membership services, including the last 5 years as CTO at the easyGroup. Stelios Haji-Ioannou, founder of easyGroup, wishes Jones every success in setting up iStrategy, “Having worked with Phil for 5 years in creating several easy-branded start-ups, I have found him more aware of the commercial needs of businesses than most IT people I have dealt with. He knows how to ask the right questions when analysing the IT needs of a business.”

Colin Macklin, CEO of TransVisual Media agrees, “Phil is a powerful strategic thinker who allies a deeper understanding of all aspects of the effective deployment of technology with an acute commercial acumen.  He is an exceptional leader who is very open in his style, articulate in his delivery and exemplorary in his ability to motivate the designated team to deliver maximum strategic advantage.”