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Business Travellers Get Online at BAA Airports

Business Travellers will now be able to make last minute changes to travel plans thanks to having access to broadband Internet at BAA airports throughout the country following the signing of a new deal with UK Explorer.The public Internet access specialist is now installing over 160 screens at 19 sites in BAA’s Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen Airports.

Business travellers can either use their own laptops, plugging into broadband and mains power, or access the web via UK Explorer’s own terminals.

Outgoing travellers are expected to use the sites for last minute email checks, or to download files they might have created on the way to the airport, whilst arriving business people, whilst they will also want to check email since departure, will also want to check out local transport, accommodation and entertainment facilities.

UK Explorer managing director Richard Stubbs said: “They will also be ideal for business travellers who have to make last minute changes to their travel plans, particularly if flights are changed. They will also be able to access the web booking systems of their corporate travel agencies to request onward changes to their itineraries.

“Because the terminals are available air-side, as well as land-side they will be able to do this after they have checked in and gone through security, literally a few minutes before take off”. 


The screens are also likely to prove particularly popular when travel plans have to be changed quickly. They will be situated in convenient areas throughout the airports before and after the departure gates in clusters of 2 to 16 computers and laptop docking points.

Payment for use of the screens is flexible as they will accept Sterling and Euro coins or an on-line credit card charge. Subscription holders to both Boingo and iPass (two of the largest global mobile internet providers) will also be able to log-on.

Colin Hargrave, BAA Managing Director, UK Airport Retail said: “We are committed to offering the best possible airport experience to our passengers.  Internet access is an important part of everyday life and this project further enhances the range of convenient and quick services BAA airports have to offer.”

Added Richard Stubbs: “We have been working closely with BAA to bring this project to fruition, and are delighted that so many air travellers will now able to keep in touch and plan their travel right up to the last moment before flying or immediately after touch-down”.