Breaking Travel News goes live is the brainchild of Patricia Olton, a Barbadian who has lived in the USA for over fifteen years. As with many of her friends, Ms. Olton felt that the Caribbean community did not have a dedicated outlet for the 15 to 25-year-old people of Caribbean origin, residing in North America. Although Caribbean Everything is not targeted exclusively to this age group, it caters to many of the concerns and needs of younger Caribbeans.  It is possible to find everything, from job listings, concert schedules, churches, popular
restaurants, chat rooms, etc. “I found this idea so absorbing, that I kept exploring
the issue and realized that the best way to provide a service like this to the
Caribbean community and to the public in general, was for me to create a workable
plan and assemble a tech-savvy team to implement it. And this was the start of”, says Olton. “Having resided in this country for so much
of our lives, naturally we ‘become’ American. But because of our culture, our
family network, and the way we were brought up, we still yearn for things Caribbean.
We want to feel connected through current events, sports, the arts, theatre,
dining, entertainment, fashion, contemporary crafts, travel to unusual non-touristy,
historic places, employment, education and more.”

Now, North Americans have a new connection to the Caribbean, An online source of information on Caribbean culture,
dining, entertainment, art, employment, travel, news, sports and more - virtually
everything for people with an interest in things Caribbean. The site allows persons
of Caribbean origin who are resident in the U.S, as well the many visitors to the
Caribbean region, to stay in touch through the click of a mouse.

“We realized that there were literally millions of Americans and Caribbean
Americans who had no central source to turn to for all the information they need. fills that void while providing a package of services to
companies and individuals,” said Michael Cox, the website’s worldwide Director of

“Our aim is to assist users in North America as well as the Caribbean
by connecting businesses and customers, friends and families, individuals and their
soul mates. We even have a personals section”, said Cox. is managed by a group of highly trained technical and
management professionals with many years of Caribbean and international experience.
In addition to posting events, organizational and company information, the site
provides a multi-tiered set of highly vertical marketing and media channels which
address a wide variety of topics, marketing opportunities, promotional activities
and information exchange across virtually every cultural nuance within the four
language groups of the Caribbean.


A key feature of the site is the ease of posting information or navigating from one
segment to another. “This is a totally user-friendly site,” says Karen Munster,
Caribbean Everything’s Director of Corporate Programs. “It’s as simple for a church
pastor to add details of a fundraising event as it is for a shopper to purchase
something from a favorite jewelry store in Jamaica,” added Munster.

Using patent-pending technology, the site allows companies and organizations to post
their own information by simply visiting and clicking on
the appropriate posting area. Within hours the information is reviewed and posted
for the world to see.

CE! as Caribbean Everything is known, also offers at
extremely low prices, the ability for companies or organizations to create their own
web-based marketing site for their use.