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WestJet Chooses Kinetics to Power Self-Service

Canadian low-fare leader WestJet has chosen Kinetics, a subsidiary of NCR Corporation, as its supplier of self-service hardware and software solutions for its new “Check n’ Go” passenger check-in program, including both airport-based and Web-based check-in technologies. WestJet has ordered 29 industry-leading Kinetics TouchPort II self-service units, several of which are now installed and operational at Calgary, Ottawa and Edmonton airports in Canada. The units will be installed in Winnipeg within the next two weeks.

In addition, Kinetics has provided the software necessary for WestJet’s Kinetics-powered self-service check-in applications to be available on so-called “common use,” or multi-airline self-service kiosks at Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. Common-use self-service kiosks allow passengers to check in to one of several airlines, all featured on the same self-service kiosk, using a common airline industry technology standard adopted by WestJet.

WestJet’s new Check n’ Go program allows guests to check in using a credit card, flight number and name, or confirmation number. Seats may be chosen and bags checked and boarding passes and receipts can be printed. Kinetics software technologies power all of these capabilities.

WestJet has also purchased Kinetics’ Web check-in software applications, which will provide its customers with the ability to check in on and, if they have a printer, to print out boarding passes before arriving at the airport. WestJet plans to deploy their first-ever Web check-in services in the first quarter of 2005.

In addition, Kinetics is providing essential system architecture software - Kinetics Thin Client Services (TCS) - that will help WestJet’s new Kinetics-developed self-service software applications run smoothly and seamlessly across its entire spectrum of passenger service environments. Kinetics’ TCS is also compliant with international common-use self-service standards.


“Our new Check n’ Go program helps eliminate lines and gives our guests a more hassle-free and enjoyable airport experience,” said Donald Bell, WestJet’s executive vice president of customer service and co-chief operating officer. “Combined with our upcoming Web check-in service, WestJet is streamlining the check-in and boarding process and simultaneously giving control of that process back to the guest.”

“We are very pleased to provide WestJet with a set of powerful new tools with which to increase efficiency and provide new levels of customer satisfaction,” said David Melnik, president and chief executive officer of Kinetics. “As more than 100 million passengers this year will learn, Kinetics’ automated check-in and boarding technologies are an essential, business-critical part of today’s North American airline industry. Kinetics is Changing the Way the World Travels(R) by utilizing a time-tested array of self-service travel technologies designed to return simplicity to the check-in process.”

In addition to WestJet, seven of the top 10 major U.S. airlines, five of the seven largest U.S. low-fare carriers and one Mexican carrier also utilize Kinetics hardware, software and system architecture to ensure smooth, efficient and hassle-free check-in and boarding services.