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Tiscover Takes Tourism into the Mobile Era

Tiscover has unveiled Tiscover05, the latest generation system of its online marketing platform, featuring the one of the world’s first tourism content solutions for PDAs and mobile phones.
For the first time on this scale, the power of mobile technology can be harnessed by tourism providers.Ê Through Tiscover05’s Tiscover Mobile technology, tourism boards and their local partners can stream information on everything from attraction opening hours to local weather to PDAs and mobiles, thereby maximising interaction with consumers both before they book and during their holiday itself.

The new platform also combines state-of-the-art navigation and usability principles to set new speed standards in web-based tourism for both providers and consumers.

Tiscover05-powered websites features new innovative designs, a greater choice of user languages, a powerful image library, soft-coloured navigation icons and user-friendly menu options.

Also new is Tiscover’s “Consumer Rating” programme, enabling Tiscover users to see the satisfaction levels of their customers, who can now rank their holiday experiences online through websites.

Improvements to the Tiscover user extranet introduced by Tiscover05 includes simplified pull-down menus, an ‘Occupancy Gaps’ page for last-minute availability, and a context-sensitive online help tool.


New in-house back-office products for tourism organisations and call centres are also included in the Tiscover05. Features such as ‘Group Search’ (room search for large parties based on complex occupancy combinations) or ‘Blurry Date Search’ (offering leeway on arrival and departure dates) make it easier to deal with guest enquiries, while a new ‘Info Center’ module provides an at-a-glance overview of open consumer questions and brochure demands. Brochure dispatch is now possible at the click of a mouse.

Karsten K√§rcher, executive director of sales, marketing and finance at Tiscover said: “Tiscover-powered websites achieved 256 million page views during 2003. In the first nine months of 2004, we’ve already had in excess of 234 million page views. We’re well on target to exceed last year’s figures. This firmly establishes Tiscover as the leading provider of Destinations Management Systems (DMS) and destination portals.Ê

“The last update of Tiscover occurred in 2002. We continue to strive for better solutions for the world’s tourism industry and Tiscover05 is the answer.”