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Ice Hotel Stays Top Ten

Approaching its 5th season, Ice Hotel
continues to be considered one of the world’s most popular tourism
attractions. Most recently, a television special entitled, Top 10 Hot and Cold
Adventures that will be aired throughout November and December on the Fine
Living Network. Ice Hotel Quebec-Canada has been listed 3rd between Costa
Rica (2nd) and Jamaica (4th). This is recognition that Ice Hotel, built
entirely of snow and ice, holds its own exotic appeal.


Ice Hotel Quebec-Canada has seen its best month of October since opening
in 2001. “We have never see as many reservations booked in October”
explains Yvon Guerard, Vice President Finance of Ice Hotel Quebec-Canada.
“There were nearly 100 overnights sold in just a single month, and this at
the beginning of fall. These results and the feverishness felt in our
sales department leads us to expect an exceptional 5th season.”


In fact, the Quebec Ice Hotel’s 5th edition will be the most remarkable.
Art and design will be at the forefront as we create the most elaborate
and enchanting atmospheres ever!


The 2005 design and decor will be the cornerstone of the 5th season. The
new architectural challenges, breathtaking exhibit galleries, and new
layout concepts that push the limits of snow and ice design will enthrall
the thousands of visitors.

This anniversary version of Ice Hotel will be a renewed and improved
edition. The enhanced design, increased quality and diversity of its
services as well as its enchanting atmosphere are sure to amaze. The
experience will be even more magical by combining your visit with the many
activities offered by our partners, Aventure Inukshuk (dogsledding),
Portneuf Aventure (snowmobiling), Catshalac (Ice fishing) et Duchesnay
(cross-country skiing, snow shoeing, skating, and more.).

January 7 to April 3, 2005, celebrate the 5 years of the Ice Hotel.