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Environmental Tectonics Announces Space Training Initiative

Tectonics Corporation (“ETC”) today announced the establishment of This website details ETC’s unique expertise and product line
to prepare future travelers for the physiological rigors of space flight.
Commercial space tourism is a reality. Burt Rutan’s SpaceShipOne paved the
way to manned commercial space flight in June by flying to an altitude of
328,491 feet above Earth. The successful accomplishment of two suborbital
flights in less than two weeks has ushered in the reality of commercial
space travel in the near future. The airline Virgin Galactic is booking
flights now and expects to service more than 3,000 space travelers within
the next five years.

Space flight differs dramatically from commercial flight in that the space
traveler is subjected to significant physiological stresses. While these
stresses are within human tolerance, specific training is needed to
prepare space travelers to cope with them.

ETC has been the world leader in aeromedical training for more than
thirty-five years. Our pioneering technologies have created training
solutions for the most rigorous stresses encountered during high
performance aircraft flight including the effects of altitude exposure,
high G exposure, Spatial Disorientation, and escape from a disabled
aircraft. This experience uniquely qualifies ETC to provide solutions for
travel into the next frontier…space.

ETC proudly offers Space Traveler training solutions for physiological
issues associated with space travel including: G exposure, reduced
atmospheric pressure, escape from a malfunctioning vehicle,
weightlessness, spatial disorientation, and survival. These products
include the:

—G-LAB Space Training System (STS)—Hypobaric Space Environment
Simulator (SES)—HydroLAB—GYROFLIGHT Expeditionary Trainer—Water
Survival Training System


Additionally, ETC’s AeroMedical Training Institute offers training
courseware, instructor training, and certification and equipment operator
training to support the Space Training Centers of the future.

William F. Mitchell, ETC’s President and Chairman, stated, “ETC has been
the world leader in aeromedical training for the past thirty-five years.
Our unique expertise and experience enable us to offer today the needed
training solutions for space tourist travel in the near future.”

ETC designs, develops, installs and maintains aircrew training systems,
public entertainment systems, process simulation systems (sterilization
and environmental), clinical hyperbaric systems, environmental testing and
simulation systems, and related products for domestic and international