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Cala Completes Preliminary Design for UnderSea Resort

Cala Corporation is pleased to announce to its shareholders that the idea of a resort in the ocean, which started in Hawaii about six years ago, has now resulted in the preliminary, full design of the first UnderSea Resort ( It started as a conversation between a visionary named Joseph Cala and George Berean, a world renowned architect with Wimberly Allison Tong & Goo. Five years later, Joseph Cala and a brilliant naval architect named Ray Francis took the idea and developed the design for the first UnderSea Resort and Residence in history. The year was 2003, and today, one year later, we are implementing the plan to build the UnderSea Resort and Residence here in the United States of America. The name is becoming synonymous with the highest achievements in the hospitality and leisure world. “The UnderSea Resort And Residence Will Be A Timeless Style And A Life Of Leisure. The UnderSea Resort And Residence Won’t Be Another Destination, It Will Be A Destiny.” J. Joseph Cala