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European Hospitality Firms opt for Pegasus Solutions

Pegasus Solutions, Inc. today announced Atel, Keytel, Hotusa and reconline as new customers for the company’s electronic distribution services. Atel, Keytel and Hotusa properties are now available for online booking through the Internet and the global distribution systems (GDSs).ÊDallas-based Pegasus Solutions is a leading worldwide provider of hotel reservations-related services and technology.ÊAtel is a French hotel representation company, representing approximately 400 hotels.Ê Keytel, a hotel representation company based in Spain, represents around 2,000 hotels (approximately 800 in the GDSs) through two brands—Keytel and Hotusa.

Switzerland-based reconline AG is an e-commerce solutions provider offering browser-based reservation, management and marketing systems for the hospitality industry and destination management organizations. reconline’s Web-based reservation and distribution system “reconline|CRS” is currently used by more than 5,000 hotels to manage their online reservation and distribution.ÊToday, the company represents 125 hotels through Pegasus but will soon increase that to 1,400 hotels.

All three companies formerly used another service for their GDS connectivity before moving to Pegasus. Their central reservations systems (CRSs) now connect to Pegasus’ electronic distribution switch for GDS representation. In addition, thousands of third-party Web sites in Pegasus’ online distribution network have direct access to the represented hotel properties’ inventory and rates for real-time reservations without having to go through a global distribution system.

“With the increasing importance of Internet distribution channels for the hospitality industry, reconline has chosen to switch to Pegasus Solutions for its superior connection to IDS channels,” said Markus Busch, CEO of reconline. He continued:Ê“In the first three months we have been with Pegasus, our IDS production has already increased threefold and has become an important distribution channel for most of our hotels.” The term “IDS” refers to Internet distribution systems.

Thierry Leclercq, sales and marketing manager for Atel, said: “We’re delighted with our experience in using Pegasus’ electronic distribution service. We have already upgraded to Next Generation Seamless service with three of the GDSs, so we feel we’ve made a wise choice in selecting Pegasus for distribution technology.”


Added Jose Maria Vila, managing director of Keytel: “At Keytel and Hotusa, we are very satisfied with our decision to switch to Pegasus.Ê We are very pleased with the results - as we have experienced an increase in the number of reservations - as well as Pegasus’ five-star IT service.”

Pegasus’ Online Distribution Database feeds more than 75,000 images and detailed property information to the thousands of Web sites in Pegasus’ online distribution network.

Peter Fitzgerald, vice president of international sales for Pegasus, said:Ê“We appreciate the choice these customers have made, which confirms the value of Pegasus’ electronic distribution services for both GDS and IDS.ÊWe continue to build our international electronic distribution strategy country by country and as such, these agreements represent to both Pegasus and its distribution customers a welcome addition to the hotel portfolio.”