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Independence Air Welcomes 1,000,000th Customer

Low-fare airline
Independence Air celebrated its first major customer milestone earlier
today by welcoming customer number 1,000,000 aboard flight 1535 from
Dayton to Washington Dulles. The one millionth customer to fly with Independence Air was Kettering, OH
resident Nick Coorough, Executive Director of the Riverside Research
Institute who was on his way to Washington to attend a business meeting
with potential new customers. Following his flight he said, “This is my
second experience with Independence Air, and I really love flying with you
—your aircraft and service are excellent and your employees are the
greatest.” He added, “I typically fly once or twice a week, and used to
pay over $800 to get to Washington, but now I can fly Independence Air for
under $150 roundtrip. My organization has 230 employees, including 80 in
Dayton, and I’ve told all of them to fly Independence Air whenever they
can. You’ll definitely be seeing a lot more of us in the future.”

Several hundred Independence Air employees and customers greeted the
Dayton flight as it arrived at Washington Dulles. As part of the
celebration, Mr. Coorough was offered a gift of free roundtrip airfare to
any Independence Air destination for his entire family of five, which they
are planning to use for an upcoming trip to Orlando.

Chairman and CEO Kerry Skeen said, “Of everything that’s developed during
our initial rollout period, we are most excited about the extraordinary
reaction we’re getting from customers who have flown Independence Air. So
many people have written and emailed us to say how much they appreciate
our low fares, our service and most importantly the enthusiasm of our
employees. Today, as we mark the occasion of our one millionth customer,
we look forward to greeting millions more in the months ahead. ”

The Independence Air system continues to grow, with low-fare service to 38
cities today, one more scheduled for service later this month, and one in
November for a total of 40. The Independence Air hub at Washington Dulles
is the largest low-fare hub in America in terms of total departures. The
company employs approximately 4,700 aviation professionals. For more
information about FLYi, Inc. and Independence Air, please visit our
website at

Independence Air is the low-fare airline that makes travel fast and easy
for its customers with a customer-first attitude, innovative thinking and
a willingness to challenge the status quo.