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Advantage Rent-A-Car Selects Carmaster Inside Availability

Galileo International
and WizCom International, today announced Advantage Rent-A-Car has upgraded to CarMaster Inside Availability.Ê CarMaster Inside Availability is Galileo’s highest level of connectivity, made possible through WizCom’s switch technology.Ê

ÊCarMaster Inside Availability enables Galileo-connected travel agents to easily access the same real-time rates and availability data displayed in the car rental company’s own reservation system. Inside Availability provides instant confirmation and eliminates the need for agent confirmation calls.Ê In addition, it gives car rental companies control of where, when and how they make their inventory available.Ê

Advantage Rent-A-Car can now instantly return customized responses to agent queries with client-specific pricing and inventory, displayed graphically on screenÊ for the travel agent to review.Ê

“CarMaster Inside Availability streamlines the process for travel agents to book rentals and earn commissions with Advantage,” said Mark Walker, vice president of marketing and technology, Advantage Rent-A-Car.Ê “The simplification of the Advantage booking process for agents will ultimately increase our bookings through the GDS.Ê Galileo is a very important sales channel for us at Advantage, and we are thrilled to be implementing their highest level of connectivity.”ÊÊÊÊ

“With this technology, Galileo-agents will be provided with the most up-to-date information on Advantage’s policies and vehicle and rate availability in seconds, as well as reservation, rental and billing processes,” said Eileen Kennedy, vice president of marketing, Galileo Americas region.Ê “This implementation exemplifies the significant value added through the combined efforts of WizCom and Galileo and addresses the needs of both suppliers and travel agents alike.”