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State-of-the-Art Kitchens for Hotels

PowerCold Corporation announced today that its wholly owned subsidiary,
PowerCold ComfortAir Solutions, Inc., has partnered with the Halton
Company to provide an innovative HVAC kitchen system that features
Halton’s commercial kitchen ventilation systems and PowerCold’s
energy-efficient HVAC systems. Together these integrated systems reduce
energy and maintenance costs and provide individual humidity and
temperature control of the entire kitchen space. Jeff Hilbert, Halton National Account Manager, commented: “Halton Company
assists our customers to improve the profitability of their operations by
utilization of unique indoor climate technologies. These technologies are
designed to increase the operational efficiency of the total building
envelope while maintaining first cost objectives. Product and system
innovation is an integral part of this market approach and consists of
continuous research and development in system integration and operational
functionality. A main focus of this strategy is to form unique
partnerships that deliver cost-effective, innovative and energy-efficient
system solutions through integrated design strategies.”

Robert Yoho, PowerCold ComfortAir Solutions, Inc. President, said this
about the unique partnership: “Finally the national restaurant chains have
a single source to take responsibility for the total cooling, heating,
exhaust, space control and air balance of the restaurant kitchen. Together
with Halton we furnish a fully integrated system using the latest and most
energy- efficient HVAC systems. PowerCold provides a single source for
design, equipment, installation, air balance, service, and space control
of temperature and humidity. Our integrated, energy-efficient systems
reduce power and maintenance costs, and cost no more than the present
inefficient, ineffective systems. With our state-of-the-art technology and
innovative designs, we give you the kitchen of tomorrow, today.”

Halton Company is a leading innovator in the commercial ventilation,
kitchen ventilation and food service industry. Halton specializes in
creating and manufacturing indoor air systems for demand-based solutions.
Halton has over 170 international patents and returns approximately 10% of
its annual turnover back into research and development. Halton’s product
development emphasizes economical, flexible, productive and reliable
solutions - all focused to give enduring life cycle benefits. Halton
Company, headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, operates in 13 countries
around the world and has research and manufacturing capabilities in
Europe, Asia and North America. Halton’s utilization of its global
Innovation Centers insures that developed technologies encompass the state
of the art from every area around the world.

PowerCold ComfortAir Solutions, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of
PowerCold Corporation, offers turnkey high-efficiency HVAC solutions for
commercial buildings, including major hotel chains, national restaurant
and retail store chains, extended care facilities, and office buildings.

PowerCold Corporation designs, develops and markets unique HVAC products
and systems for commercial use. PowerCold’s proprietary energy-efficient
products provide a clean comfort air environment and significantly reduce
power costs by up to 50% for air conditioning, refrigeration and on-site
building power.