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oneworld Expands Interline e-Ticketing

In a bid to maintain it’s position as the world’s leading airline alliance, oneworld has announced that three more of its airline partners will now offer customer interline e-ticketing,  keeping oneworldÊfirmly on track to becoming the first airline grouping offering this customer convenience between all its members by the end of 2004.Interline e-ticketing - which enables passengers to use a single electronic ticket when their itineraries include flights on more than one airline - is now in place between fourteen of the 28 potential pairings of oneworld partners.

Latest to link up are British Airways with both Aer Lingus and LAN and Aer Lingus with Qantas. The UK carrier now offers IET with six of its oneworld partners. American offers it with them all.

IET enables customers to be checked right through to their final destinations on journeys involving a transfer between carriers with no need for a paper ticket, making connections between carriers smoother, easier and more reliable. They also make it easier and quicker for them to rebook between airlines - and there are no bits of paper to be lost or stolen.

John McCulloch, Managing Partner, oneworld, commented: “e-tickets offer consumers many advantages, which is why they are so popular. They cannot be lost or stolen. They make check-in quicker and smoother, helping eliminate queues at airports by giving customers access to the speed and convenience of new automation features, such as self-service check-in devices.
“Interline e-tickets extends all those benefits when journeys involve transferring between two different airlines. Customers can be checked right through to their final destination, making connections smoother and more reliable. And if they need to rebook between airlines, they can do so without having to obtain a paper ticket first”.