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Air Jamaica offer special baggage allowance

In a bid to further increase its hurricane relief efforts Air Jamaica is offering a special baggage allowance benefiting those wishing to personally carry relief supplies to family and friends in Jamaica. Under terms of the special baggage allowance, Air Jamaica passengers travelling to Jamaica during the period September 15-22, 2004 may carry one extra piece of baggage without penalty. This is in addition to the two pieces normally permitted.

“We already offer the most flexible and generous baggage policy of any airline serving the Caribbean, but in light of the current situation in Jamaica, we feel that it’s important to go the extra mile as part of our relief effort,” said Michael Going, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Air Jamaica. 

In addition to allowing the industry standard - two pieces of luggage and a carry-on bag - Air Jamaica does not restrict passengers from including boxes as checked luggage, a provision unique among airlines serving the Caribbean.