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OAS send delegation to Haiti

An Organisation of American States (OAS) Permanent Council delegation is scheduled to arrive in Haiti today, Thursday, on a three-day mission intended to assess the situation and deliver a clear political message to foster “full restoration of democracy in Haiti.”  Chair of the Permanent Council, Ambassador Carmen Marina Gutierrez of Nicaragua, will lead a “representative delegation” on the September 9 through 11 visit, being undertaken at the invitation of Haiti’s transitional government and in accordance with a resolution passed at the OAS General Assembly last June as well as the Inter-American Democratic Charter. 

While in Haiti, the OAS delegation will meet with leaders of the transitional government, including Interim President Boniface Aléxandre, Prime Minister of the Transitional Government Gérard LaTortue and Foreign Affairs Minister Yvon Siméon, as well as with a wide cross section of Haiti’s political and social actors, among them former government officials, human rights organizations, the Church and representatives of civil society.