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US Airways Implements Service Fees

US Airways has
introduced a service fee for customers who desire personalized
reservations ticketing assistance. The fee applies for tickets for
domestic U.S. travel purchased by calling US Airways’ toll-free
reservations or visiting US Airways’ airport ticket counters, and is
effective Sept. 9, 2004. Under the new fee schedule, tickets purchased through US Airways’ toll-
free reservations systems will incur a $5 fee, and tickets purchased at
airport ticket counters will incur a $10 fee. Dividend Miles Chairman’s
Preferred members will not incur the new fees. The application of
ticketing fees to cover distribution costs is consistent with policies of
other full- service and low cost carriers that are already in place. There
will be no fee on tickets purchased at airport kiosks and at

“Lower air fares and higher distribution costs are squeezing the industry,
and US Airways, like other airlines, must find ways to both offer low
fares and cover our costs. These nominal fees will allow us to maintain
the more expensive distribution and infrastructure of personalized
customer service in a cost-effective manner,” said B. Ben Baldanza, US
Airways senior vice president of marketing and planning. “Our
Transformation Plan is built on a platform of lower costs and increased
revenue, and as we continue to implement that plan, we will be better
positioned to provide customers lower fares, while maintaining our
commitment to a high level of service for US Airways customers who desire
that service.”