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Concorde Hotels Enhance Online Reservation System

Concorde Hotels, managed by Singapore-based HPL Hotels & Resorts, enhance their online reservation system by providing login access for travel agents and corporate clients to access competitive rates and room allotments.This innovative Internet-based reservation system provided by Pelican System allows Concorde Hotels to maintain full control of room rates and room inventory, with real-time information updates and instant confirmation.

The Pelican System would be able to assist the hotels to increase occupancy and yield through the following services:

? Distribute “last minute” rates to travel agents, corporate clients and Internet users - To maximise yield and reduce the possibility of unsold room-nights, hotels would adjust room rates on a weekly or daily basis to conform to seasonal demands and prevailing market conditions.  The Pelican system can distribute announcements and other information instantly to agents and clients throughout the world.

? Distribute room allotments - Manually issuing room allotments to individual travel agents and corporate clients is costly, time-consuming, and subject to error.  The Pelican System solves this problem by automating the allotment process. Hotels can determine room allotments for a specific group or type of client, which can then be shared by hundreds or even thousands of agents and corporate clients worldwide, optimising room allocations and providing equal opportunities to all clients.

? Distribute costs - Pelican System’s Internet-based technology allows the hotels to make considerable savings in distribution expenses.  Room rates and allotments can be distributed globally at minimal cost.

“We believe the technology provided by Pelican System gives us an improved system for fast, worldwide distribution of seasonal rates, effective room allotment management and increase occupancy,” said Edmund Nicholas, Vice President - Marketing of HPL Hotels & Resorts.