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American Simplifies Check in for Spanish-Speakers

American Airlines
has made it even easier for Spanish-speaking customers to check in at the
newly enhanced AA Self-Service Check-In(R) machines. With the simple touch
of a button on the first screen, customers can go through the entire
check-in process in Spanish. Also, passengers will now be able to check in
without using a credit card or their AAdvantage(R) membership card, as
long as they have the six-character record locator on their itinerary.
“Since introducing AA Self-Service Check-In in 2000, we’ve improved our
technology to make the devices better and faster, and the next logical
step is to add a new language feature,” said Maya Leibman, Managing
Director - Airport Automation at American. “Spanish is the primary
language for a large number of our customers in the United States, and
this enhancement allows them to enjoy the convenience and time savings
that AA Self-Service Check-In provides.”

Another key feature provided with the enhanced self-service check-in
machines is the ability for passengers to look up reservations with just
their record locator and name.

“Previously, in order to look up a reservation at AA Self-Service Check-
In, passengers needed a card to start the transaction,” Leibman added.
“This created problems for our customers who don’t use or have personal
credit cards. With our new enhancements, this is no longer an issue.”

More than 700 AA Self-Service Check-In machines and 330 Curbside Check-In
units allow American’s customers to check in, check bags and change or
upgrade seats at more than 90 locations across the country. In 2003, AA
Self-Service Check-In usage tripled from the previous year, with more than
20 million passengers checking in at American’s machines. Customers can
also check in for flights online using Flight Check-In at